Saturday, August 7, 2010

Good Food and Memories

My parents will celebrate their 31st wedding anniversary on Tuesday and we decided to go to Destin today and eat dinner at my mom's absolute favorite place: Louisiana Lagniappe. Now many families have a local place that they go to for special occasions, but when I think about all of the years of my life this place sticks out in my mind as having so many very special memories. When I was younger, my Daddy's work had an annual convention in Sandestin and it was always held at the Sandestin Hilton. Now I, being an only child, would always have to bring my best friend and extension of our family Kelli Hamm (Tamvada) along on all of our trips. We loved going to "the Lagniappe" so much and Kelli and I would always insist on ordering our own appetizer and meal no matter how much Mama and Daddy would beg us to share. It wasn't until I got older that my mom told me how irritated my Daddy would get when we, as kids do, would eat our appetizer and then only a few bites off of both of our plates :) Through the years we have enjoyed this place so much and I have never had a bad meal there. Most of the fresh seafood entrees are covered with lump crab meat with a cajun twice baked potato on the side. For appetizers, I have always loved the crab stuffed mushrooms, while my parents have an obsession with the fried eggplant appetizer with crabmeat and bearnaise sauce. It is a special treat and if you have never been I would encourage you to go off the beaten path next time you are in the area and give it a won't regret it!!


  1. Uh Oh, sorry, Rodney! Kids seem to know very little about the value of money, but it sure was good; I remember that!

  2. Kelli, it is not as big a deal as Jenny is making it! We just knew that ya'll wouldn't eat an entree AND an appetizer! I can't do it now, but it is fun to try!